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The 10th Annual International Ukulele Contest 2021 Online

The annual ‘Ukulele Picnic in Hawai‘i regrets to announce a postponement of its event, featuring local and international ‘ukulele musicians, to September 2021. The production team had worked to prepare for a livestream of the Picnic in February but have decided to postpone the event due to the uncertainty and current restrictions from the COVID-19 situation. However, while the Ukulele Picnic in Hawaii is postponed, the International ‘Ukulele Contest will be held earlier, with entries accepted from February 14 and winners announced on May 4, 2021.

“As you know, this pandemic has prevented many events and tourism in Hawaii, and our hearts are heavy thinking about the hardship endured by people in the entertainment and tourism industry. It is our sincere commitment to find ways to support our beloved artists and musicians in this challenging time, but we are hopeful that your Kokua will become a true instrument of our future success,” said Kazuyuki Sekiguchi, ‘Ukulele Picnic in Hawai‘i creator and producer. “We cannot wait to see your familiar faces (and some new faces!) on the lawn, enjoying music and friendship in Hawaii with lots of Aloha.”

‘Ukulele players of all ages and ability levels can get a jump on the action by entering the popular 10th Annual International ‘Ukulele Contest. The contest is open to amateur ‘ukulele players over the age of three. No professional musicians (including semi-professional) and/or performers signed to a management company are allowed to enter the contest. Aspiring musicians can enter by uploading an unedited video to YouTube with an entry form from the ‘Ukulele Picnic in Hawaii website starting on February 14th at 5pm HST. It is $10 to enter online and entries are currently being accepted through Wednesday, April 14th by 5pm HST. Entries are being accepted in four categories including: solo keiki ages 3 to 11 years old; solo ages 12 – 18; solo ages 19 and older, and group (more than two performers).

Winners from each division will be selected and announced at the virtual ‘Ukulele Picnic via live-stream broadcast on Tuesday May 4th, 2021 6pm-8pm (Hawaii Time) via KZOO Radio and live streaming on the Ukulele Contest website and KZOO radio website in order to maintain with social distancing protocols. The winners’ YouTube video will be displayed on the official contest website.



Finalist Prizes (Category Prizes) – 1st place for each division will receive a premium ‘ukulele from Kanileʻa ʻUkulele. 2nd and 3rd place for each division will receive Koa tree certificates (certificate of plant) from Kanileʻa ʻUkulele.

MVP (Most Valuable Player) – $500 USD worth of gift certificate and the opportunity to perform on stage at the next Ukulele Picnic in Hawaii.
KZOO Radio Prize – The opportunity to have your original song broadcasted on KZOO Radio for 12 months starting in May 2021.

Special Jury Award – Given to only one (1) contestant from among all qualified finalists for his/her use and mastery of Hawaiian mele (song) in Hawaiian language during performances.
Other Awards:
Best Vocal Award
Best Kawaii Award
Best Dresser Award
Best Impact Award
Best Background Award
Entry Gifts:
Special Keiki and Teen Category Gift – ALL ENTRIES of Solo categories, Keiki and Teen, will be receive a care package sponsored by Keiki Ukulele of Japan. The package will include a small toy ukulele called “pic-lele,” ukulele tuner and an ukulele cleaning cloth.

Entry Gift – Everyone who entered the contest will receive an exclusive ‘ukulele technique tutorial video (exclusive access by contestants only).


Online Contest Information

The 10th Annual International Ukulele Contest 2021 Online
Entry Begins: Sunday February 14th, 2021 5pm (Hawaii Time)
Entry Deadline: Wednesday April 21st, 2021 5pm (Hawaii Time)
Online Live Stream Winner Announcement: Tuesday May 4th, 2021 6pm-8pm (Hawaii Time)
Live web stream will broadcast on Ukulele Picnic Official YouTube Channel.





SNS上でもわかる通り、世界中にはウクレレを愛している人たちがたくさんいます。さらに最近新しくウクレレを始める人も増えています。コロナ禍のこんな状況だからウクレレを弾いてSTAY HOMEの時間を楽しく過ごしたいという人たちが多いのだと思います。予期せぬ事ながらウクレレの魅力をさらにたくさんの人たちが共有することになりました。今こそ世界がウクレレによる「癒し」を必要としているのだと思います。







ファイナリスト賞(全カテゴリー):各カテゴリーの優勝者には副賞としてKanileʻa ʻUkulele (カニレア)から高級ウクレレが与えられます。2位と3位にも副賞(コアの木の植樹権)を授与します。


ソロケイキ・ティーン限定参加賞:ソロ部門/KEIKI (3歳以上~12歳未満(満11歳まで))とソロ部門/TEENS (12歳以上~19歳未満)にエントリーいただいた方全員にKeiki Ukulele of Japanからの提供としてウクレレチューナー、ペン、キワヤ商会からのピクレレなどが入ったケアパッケージギフトをお送りします。




受付スタート:日本時間 2021年2月15日(月)午後12時から
受付締め切り:日本時間 2021年4月22日(木)午後12時まで
受賞者発表:日本時間 2021年5月5日(水)13時~15時