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"Yoroshiku Thankyou"

The 10,000 Tameichi reproduction!!
XD Smileshooter are Japanese virtual idol Unit. Their mission is to spread ukulele in the world, and this excellent piece of music was covered.

Romantic ageru yo
Song: SmileShooter Team Ukulele Picnic in Hawaii are: Airi Suzuhira (CV: Kei Shindo), Kaede Kirisawa (CV: Satomi Akesaka), Tiina Shirase (CV: Hiromi Igarashi)

-Smileshooter official homepage-

Benefit Concert
Ukulele Picnic~日本のウクレレピクニック
Ukulele Picnic in Hawaii is a fun annual event for everyone! Ukulele lovers of all stripes, hula lovers, music lovers, couples, families, ANYONE can join and have a great time at the picnic. There are many ways to participate in this family friendly event. See you at the picnic!

6th Ukulele Picnic Picnic in Hawaii 2014
Sunday, May 25, 2014
8:30am to Sunset at Kakaako Waterfront Park

For all non Japan visitors to the Ukulele Picnic In Hawaii 2014 Event (limited to visitors from overseas, local Kama'ainas), we're offering some special packages with great deals! Please return to this page as we update you with futher details and to place your reservations online!

2014 Special Basic Package

Package Details
1. Invitation to the Ukulele Museum Benefit Concert (May 23rd, Details TBA)
2. Invitation to the 37th Annual Nahoku Hanohano Award Ceremony (May 24th) (with Dinner)
3. VIP seating (with Lunch) at Ukulele Picnic in Hawaii (May 25th at Kakaako Park)
4. Invitation to the After Party at 53 by the Sea (with Dinner)
5. Free Entry entitlement to the 4th Annual International Ukulele Contest 2014 (May 24th)
6. Perform ON STAGE at Ukulele Picnic in Hawaii 2014 (limited to first 5 entries. Must be team of 8)
7. Free “88tees” collaboration t-shirt

Price: $600 inluding Tax (All visiting non-Japanese visitors)
Payment: All payments done through PayPal's credit card payment only.

Questions? Should you have questions regarding the package, please use this form to contact us.

公式スポンサー Sponsors of Ukulele Picnic in Hawai'i
Ukulele Picnic in Hawai'i - ウクレレピクニックインハワイ
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