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Why do you think that so many people are drawn to Hawaii? Is it because of beautiful nature on the islands? Pleasant weather throughout the year? Or, the Aloha spirit and hospitality in people? All are probably right, but I would add one particular thing – “Hawaiian Music” – the music that fills the air across the islands just like gentle, harmonious winds. Or, the music that blooms like colorful and vibrant flowers in our hearts.

Ukulele Picnic in Hawaii has been sharing the spirit of Hawaiian music and the spirit of Aloha ever since the first event in 2009, featuring Hawaii’s iconic instrument – Ukulele. Due to the pandemic, we have not been able to hold the physical event since 2020, but I am happy to announce that we are ready to hold an in-person Picnic again!

As it is difficult for us to expect large numbers of Japanese visitors coming to Hawaii yet, our Picnic in 2023 might not be as big as in previous years. However, I really feel it is time for us to resume our event. So, I hope you all get on board with us!

For the 2023 Ukulele Picnic in Hawaii, we have chosen the Center Stage at Ala Moana Center as our event venue, with the hope that this convenient location will enable locals and tourists (especially from the mainland) to get to know our event, with an attractive line up of musicians and entertainment. By choosing the shopping mall, we are also hoping to help revitalize the local economy.

Speaking of our attractive line up, we plan to welcome renowned musicians such as Mr. Boo Takagi and Ms. Yoko Oginome from Japan on stage. You will also enjoy performances by several Hawaiian artists, as well as local keiki. Just stop by and enjoy our free event, Ukulele Picnic in Hawaii 2023 – you are sure to be filled with happiness and Aloha by the sound of Ukulele. Looking forward to seeing your smiles at Ala Moana Center!

Kazuyuki Sekiguchi
Ukulele Foundation of Hawaii

Message for Entrants of the 11th Annual International Ukulele Contest

Big MAHALO goes to all the contestants in our second online contest. We received 207 entry videos from 20 different countries, which marked almost twice the number of entries from last yearʼs contest. I am happy because I recognize that as a sign that so many more people found joy and happiness in the event, as did our staff members and judges.

All the entry videos captured the personality of the performers and their different cultural backgrounds, and I was able to get a vivid glimpse into each contestantʼs life even in such short videos. All of them, however, had one thing in common – everyone LOVEs ukulele.

Some say that entering this contest changed their perspective on life. They were able to find their own unique personalities by comparing to others, or to find inspiration in other contestantsʼ performances. Some might have been able to feel connected and share a sense of togetherness throughout the contest, because we are all into one thing – ukulele.

I especially wish that our youth contestants were able to feel something special through our event which benefited their inner spiritual growth. Also, I would like to send special appreciation for the young entrants from Shanghai for being part of our contest despite of a strict lockdown period due to Covid-19. Thank you so much!

May your ukulele bring you more happiness – Keep on Strumming!

Kazuyuki Sekiguchi
Chairman of Ukulele Foundation of Hawaii

2023.02.22 Check Here for photos the 2023 Ukulele Picnic in Hawaii!
2023.01.25 2023 Silent Auction items Check Here
2023.01.18 Premium Ukulele Party, February 19
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2023.01.10 Ukulele Picnic Returns to Hawaii, February 17-19
Ukulele Picnic in Hawaii Press Release!
2022.10.06 [EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT] ANA 'Aha mele presents UKULELE PICNIC CONCERT will be held on Saturday November 19th at the Waikiki Shell from 2pm-5:30pm.
2022.05.30 The 11th Annual International Ukulele Contest, Contest Winners
2022.05.26 Winner Announcement!
Winner Announcement: Saturday May 28th, 2022 6-8pm (Hawaii Time)
Live web stream winner announcement will broadcast on Ukulele Picnic Official YouTube Channel. Don’t forget to subscribe to the Official Ukulele Picnic in Hawaii YouTube Channel to view the LIVE STREAMING!
Entry Deadline: Friday May 13th, 2022 5pm (Hawaii Time)
Winner Announcement: Saturday May 28th, 2022 6-8pm (Hawaii Time)
2022.04.12 11th Annual International Ukulele Contest 2022 ONLINE

We have decided to waive this year's entry fees in support for humanitarian efforts and world peace in Eastern Europe.
2022.02.23 11th Annual International Ukulele Contest 2022 ONLINE
Entry Begins: Saturday, March 5th, 2022, 5PM Hawaii Time

(Deadline Saturday, May 7th, 2022, 5PM Hawaii Time)
Winner Announcement Online Live Streaming at Saturday, May 28th, 2022, 6PM-8PM Hawaii Time
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Ukulele Picnic in Hawaii was founded by the renowned Japanese musician & Ukulele music scene pioneer in Japan, Kazuyuki Sekiguchi from the band Southern All Stars. From the inaugural picnic in 2009, it has attracted more than 5000 people, and has become a fun music event for whole family.

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