2024 Finalist

Each special award will be announced on May 5 (Japan time), including the Kamaka Award, KoAloha Award, Judges' Special Award, KZOO Original Song Award, Ukulele Foundation Encouragement Award, Challenge Award, Kawaii Award, and Best Impact Award. Stay tuned for the winner announcement! There is still a chance to win!


2024 Finalists

Solo KEIKI & TEENS (ages 3 – 18)

Name: Taira (Japan) Entry#1
Song Title: "Believe in you" (original song) Taira

Name: Karin (Japan) Entry#2
Song Title: "Blue Water Sailing" (original song) Karin

Name: NGUYEN Lee Hieu (Vietnam) Entry#3
Song Title: "Bohemian Rhapsody" Queens

Name: Ada Lovenjak (Slovenia) Entry#4
Song Title: "Tivoli" Magnifico

Name: Xuanyu Wang (China) Entry#5
Song Title: "Medley for 2024 Hawaii international ukulele contest" Kalei Gamiao

Name: Kaika (USA) Entry#6
Song Title: "Stars and Stripes Forever" Jake Shimabukuro


Solo OPEN (ages 19 and over)

Name: Viggy (USA) Entry#7
Song Title: "Everybody Wants to Rule the World" Tears for Fears

Name: Mei Qianqian (China) Entry#8
Song Title: "Plein Soleil" Nino Rota

Name: Haruki Hirose (Japan) Entry#9
Song Title: "Uke Talk" J.C.Doane

Name: Mako Kitamura (Japan) Entry#10
Song Title: "Star Dust" Hoagy Carmichael


Solo Vocals (ages 3 and over)

Name: rinalele (Japan) Entry#11
Song Title: "Aloha oe" Queen Lili'uokalani

Name: Sosuke (Japan) Entry#12
Song Title: "Lepe ‘Ula’ula" Na Palapalai

Name: Mao (Japan) Entry#13
Song Title: "Maui Nō Ē Ka ʻOi" Ainsley Halemanu

Name: Yuto (Japan) Entry#14
Song Title: "Fireman's Hula" Matilda Kauwe

Name: Sebukulele (France) Entry#15
Song Title: "Les Issambres" (Original Song) Sebukulele


Group (must be more than 2)

Name: Marion & Andi's Ukulele Therapy (Austria) Entry#16
Song Title: "Coconut Island Song" (Original Song) Andreas Hellmayr

Name: Kepong Ukulele Club (KUC) (Malaysia) Entry#17
Song Title: "Bodysurfing" Herb Ohta

Name: Flatnine Ukulele Jazz Orchestra (South Korea) Entry#18
Song Title: "Teclas Pretas" Paschoal De Barros

Name: Hidamarins (Japan) Entry#19
Song Title: "I Just Called To Say I Love You" Stevie Wonder

Name: Two Jasmine Flowers (China) Entry#20
Song Title: "Start" Depapepe